Most Common Types of Sandblasting Media Valves 


Abrasive types of media valves are actually used to adjust the flow of abrasive on a sandblasting machine. Same as with selecting the appropriate blast hose and blast nozzle, you want to ensure you select the correct type of media valve for the machine as well as the abrasive of your choice. 

There are 2 types of metering valves: automatic and manual. Automatic valves have a mechanism or a system to shut down the flow of abrasive. These automatic valves are utilized on systems with Abrasive Cutoff Switches or Multi-operator pressure hold systems. ACS turn off media flow while allowing air to pass through. This is very useful for cleaning or blowing down the work surface. Manual valves, on the other hand, do not have to cut-off the flow of abrasive. Note that not every valve works with every abrasives or machines. In addition to that, not every valve works with the ACS or automatic cutoff switch. 

Auto Quantum Valve 

Auto Quantum Valve is commonly used for pressure-release systems as well as pressure-hold systems with abrasive cut-off. As a matter of fact, it is pneumatically-operated, easily-adjustable and maintains accurate settings from totally close to totally open. It can also be used with slag abrasives and expendable mineral. It needs 80 psi to totally open the plunger which may be used in all common abrasives such as metallic, slag or mineral. It comes standard on every sandblasting Colorado Springs contractor blast machine. It can also be used on traditional machines with automatic cut-off switches. 

 Sentinel Metering Valve with Automatic Cut-Off Switches 

The sentinel metering valve is actually a pneumatically-operated abrasive valve with an ACS. This media valve is accessible with all usual blast media coarser. It can also be utilized on traditional blast machines 2 cubic feet and bigger equipment with a pressure-release controller (electric or pneumatic) and needs 50 to 70 psi to totally open its plunger. 

Manual Quantum Valve 

A manual quantum valve or the MQV is a manually-operated, and easily adjustable abrasive valve for use with every common abrasive such as metallic, slags and minerals. It is also designed for easy measuring and precise metering for both the classic blast machines and contractor 2 cubic feet and larger. 

Sentinel Metering Valve Without Automatic Cut-Off Switches 

The sentinel metering valve doesn’t have an ACS. It is perfectly suited for all common kinds of blast media coarser and is compatible on traditional blast machines 2 cubic feet and larger. Its valve needs 50 to 70 psi to totally open its plunger. Since the valve and metering actuation are different functions, the wear and tear of your metering assembly can be changed inexpensively and quickly in the industry. 

Flat Sand Valve 

It is basically a manually-operated abrasive valve which comes standard on traditional blast machines from 2 cubic feet to 20 cubic feet. Aside from that, it can be utilized with slag abrasives and expandable minerals. Note that the flat sand valve does not function well with metallic media mineral and slag abrasives. 

How to Go About Water Damage Restoration  

Restoring a home that is subjected to water damage is every homeowner’s nightmare. In places where flooding is common, this problem is something that should be taken seriously. Stagnant water in your home doesn’t just cause discomfort, but also a wide range of health problems and home improvement woes. For concerns like these, Charlotte water damage repair experts are the professionals that you need.  

When to Call 

Never make the mistake of calling in too late if problems like these arise. It’s important to address water damage issues as soon as they happen. Water damage may be caused by a lot of things, such as storms, plumbing leaks, or structural damage. If your house is on fire and you called the firemen for help, chances are you’re left with both fire and water damage issues to deal with.  

Never let the day pass without calling in the experts if and when this kind of problem arises. Serious health risks and irreversible structural issues could transpire if they are not summoned right away. And be sure to call only licensed restoration professionals to handle the job.  

How Experts Work  

Water damage issues are not simply addressed by mopping. The root cause of the problem has to be investigated and addressed so the problem won’t happen again. The investment that you’ll make in calling the experts will be worth it because unlike a handyman, they won’t just fix the problem at hand. They’ll also provide you with a permanent solution to it.  

It can’t be further reiterated how important it is to hire professionals as they are more capable and best suited for the job. For starters, find the experts who have been serving your area for decades. You can trust them to restore the lost value of your property, which is certainly destroyed by water and flooding. 

What to Expect 

If you called the right people, then you can expect them to be at your door within a matter of hours. There are several reputable and licensed water damage restoration companies that provide services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They are the ones you need. It pays to have the contact number of these companies handy so you have somebody to call in case of emergencies.  

Never attempt to fix the problem by yourself or delay calling the professionals until the next day. The sooner you summon them, the faster they’ll mitigate all the issues at hand. It’s also a good way to save on the costs because the longer you wait, the more damage is incurred and the higher money you’ll spend on repairs. 

Some companies specialize in helping residential property owners while others also cater to commercial clients. Regardless of which of them you choose, settle with the one that can provide you the best service at the least possible rates. Request a quote from different companies and evaluate the background of each one to find which company could serve you best. Charlotte water damage repair projects can be very simple with the right people on the job.